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SPAM Spreads #1

Most of the plans we all made for 2020 have been postponed, cancelled, adapted and reworked. S.P.A.M. Spreads is one of those. A reimagining of BALTIC’s annual Self-Publishing Artists’ Market.

In printed form it continues to create a space where a vibrant community of artists, activists, illustrators and zine-makers can come together to exchange practice, share ideas and tell stories.

The pages of S.P.A.M. Spreads were created in direct response to the major events of this year and the experience of living through them.

Cover and design by Okocha Obasi.

Pages selected from an open call by Sarah Bouttell, BALTIC Producer (Documentation, Library & Archive), Okocha Obasi, Artist & Designer and Katharine Welsh, BALTIC Curator.

Featuring work by:

Muna Aghamelu / Kirsti Beautyman / Bob Bicknell-Knight / Morgan Black / Grace Denton / The Disposable Museum Collective / Theresa Easton & Sheree Mack / Foundation Press in collaboration with The Comfrey Project / Ellen Grant / Ana Hine & Genevieve Bertagnolli / Sam Hutchinson / Beata Key in collaboration with Phil Key / Katharine MacDaid / Will Machine / Lauren Matthews / Rosa-Maria Nuutinen / Okocha Obasi / Oscillating Brow / Kate Osmond / Sarah Parker / Andro Semeiko / Helen Shaddock / Shy Bairns / Melody Sproates / Cherry Styles / Holly Eliza Temple / Joe Williams / Simone Yasmin

Melody Sproates, Shy Bairns and Foundation Press in collaboration with The Comfrey Project were all commissioned to deliver physical events which have been adapted into pages for S.P.A.M. Spreads.

Unfortunately, we have run out of physical copies of SPAM Spreads.